Asbestos, Lead and Silica Risk Assessments, Safe Work Procedures and Exposure Control Plans

There are several substances which can be disturbed during renovation demolition or construction work which represent a particular health and safety risk. These substances may be carcinogenic or particularly toxic and include asbestos, lead based paints and crystalline silica.

The employer whose workforce may be exposed to any of these substances (and this represents almost all construction demolition and restoration workers) must have written plans in place which demonstrate how they will keep the risk to workers as low as possible. These documents are called “Exposure Control Plans” (ECPs) and they outline how exposure can be reduced by controls such as wetting the materials or using a local exhaust, physical barriers and warning notices and appropriate personal protective equipment. As well as general information the ECPs must also include safe work procedures regarding specific tasks such as removing lead paint or cutting concrete.

24 Hours before any work is carried out that might disturb asbestos or lead a notice must be filed with WorkSafeBC which allows them time to schedule and inspection if they consider it necessary. There are several documents which must be included in the Notice of Project including safe work procedures and also a risk assessment from a Qualified Person. The risk assessment will define whether the proposed activity represents a low, moderate or high risk to the workers doing the work and people outside the immediate work area.

The risk assessment will include a brief description of how the work will be conducted (with reference to the appropriate safe work procedure) what containment is required to ensure that contaminants do not escape from the work area, what personal protective equipment needs to be work and how the workers will decontaminate the work area and themselves when the job is complete.

Apex EHS can provide all the documentation required to enable your workers to carry out their tasks in a safe manner and fully in compliance with WorkSafeBC and other regulatory requirements.

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