Asbestos Analytical Services


microscopeBefore any renovation or demolition work WorkSafeBC requires that samples of materials which may contain asbestos and may be impacted by the proposed work must be collected by a qualified person and analysed by a qualified laboratory.

During the course of many asbestos abatement projects WorkSafeBC requires that the air must be sampled to verify that workers are adequately protected and that the work is not impacting air quality in adjacent workspaces. Some authorities may require additional testing to verify their staff safety in addition to the minimum requirements of WorkSafeBC.

To enable our clients to be fully compliant with WorkSafeBC requirements Apex EHS offers comprehensive asbestos analytical services out of our Kelowna office. Our laboratory is equipped with new state of the art analytical equipment and our experienced analysts are trained and certified to the highest standards. Our laboratory participates in a rigorous quality control program fully in accordance with WorkSafeBC requirements.

We offer fast accurate and cost effective analytical services for asbestos air and bulk samples. Our laboratory staff are certified for asbestos air sample collection analysis following NIOSH 7400 Method for Asbestos and other Fibres by Phase Contrast Microscopy and are certified for asbestos bulk sample collection and analysis following EPA Method 600 / R 93 /116 Method for Asbestos by Polarised Light Microscopy.

Sample pick up services are available and an out-of-hours drop box is available for our clients’ convenience. Same day and 24 hour emergency analysis are also available.

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